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Mysteriously diverse, it's hard to reach the depths of my soul, because I'd have to allow you to go there first.


When I see black men telling black women that our feelings and experiences are unreal or figments of our imagination, they start to look like white men to me.

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She acting all shy, Chile please. #Honesty #NieceyPooh #famILY

Natural hair tips I just learned!


-Co wash only! Every four days wash your hair with CONDITIONER

-USE ORGANIC PRODUCTS, products targeted as “natural” are using that term very loosely

-Use grape see oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil. Try aloe vera!

-Deep condition once a week!


-Moisturize your ends with coconut oil daily

-Avoid heat!

-Wrap up your hair at night

-Once a month use aphogee treatment

-Wide tooth combs OR fingers, no bristle brushes!

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